RiverCap Holdings is an investment firm headquartered in Rocky River, Ohio. Our portfolio is focused on software and platforms that match highly fragmented supply and demand chains across global industries.

Our portfolio companies

ExchangeBase energy marketplace

ExchangeBase is the energy industry's platform to connect to ​​pipe and OCTG and manage the disposition of laydown yards.

We list the available inventory of energy companies as well as the in-stock assets ​​of distributors and resellers. We have combined that available inventory with a complete understanding of the production capabilities of mills and manufacturers. ​​​​

This makes ExchangeBase the most comprehensive platform for both the supply and demand of the energy industry today. ​​

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PAMEE connects highly fragmented supply chain systems to provide unparalleled visibility to the organizations with critical demand of emergency supplies, equipment and services worldwide. We respond to crisis situations by organizing large amounts of data and making it actionable.​

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RiverCap Ventures

RiverCap Ventures is the capital investment group of RiverCap Holdings which pursues investment opportunities in synergy with our portfolio companies. 

They focus on five main categories:

  •     Laydown Yards & MRO Warehouses​
  •     Full plant closures​​
  •     Renewable Energy​​
  •     Emerging products and services​​
  •     Real estate
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MineDex mining and construction asset marketplace

Zullix has spent a decade developing ​ proprietary technology that catalogs and ​ manages the supply chain as well as the ​ demand of an entire industry. ​ ​Zullix continually identifies industries where the platform can be deployed. ​ ​Examples of these include: ​

– Energy (ExchangeBase)​
– Mining ​
– Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment ​
– Aeronautics​
– Organics​
– Marine Vessels​
– Mineral Rights​
– Steel Products​
– Real Estate​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Our team at RiverCap provides traditional support to our portfolio companies from an operational standpoint while pursuing our core mission to drive the growth and maximize the profitability of these companies with a focus in three areas.   


    First, through our subsidiary Zullix, we manage the continual optimization and development of our proprietary technology that provides the backbone of operation for all companies within RiverCap Holdings.


    Second, our team runs a full slate of real time analytics that allows us to communicate with the leadership of our companies and evolve with the needs of our marketplace.


    Third, RiverCap Ventures identifies new marketplaces, opportunities, and industries where our business model will make an impact.​