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As part of our commitment to their success, RiverCap Holdings manages hiring for all of our portfolio companies.

We believe in hiring excellence at every level and have discovered some common characteristics of people who work in the RiverCap family, if you share these traits, we encourage you to apply.

Kindness:  We view kindness as the foundation for building successful relationships with our customers, vendors, and team.

Intelligence:  We value smart and thoughtful contributions from our team members.

Drive:  We all want to succeed and are driven by the will to improve ourselves and eachother.

Desire:  We share a desire to be a part of an organization and contribute to its success and growth.

Members of our team enjoy

Competitive salary  ●   401K  ●   Profit Sharing Plan  ●   Generous paid holiday and PTO package  ●   Corporate volunteer program with PTO  ●     Fully stocked snacks and beverages  ●   Medical, vision, and dental benefits available immediately 

Currently Available Positions


Research Analyst

Do you love analyzing data? Do you find success in identifying new marketplaces and emerging technologies? Can you bring energy and a positive attitude with you every day as you assist in building the future of multiple companies by researching and sourcing information?

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Manager of Business Development

Do you want to be a part of a team that is reinventing the way companies buy and sell assets? Are you passionate about finding new business opportunities. Join our team!

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Account Manager

Do you want to be a part of a team that is focused on using technology to better humanity? Can you help our Users find value in our platform and help them leverage it to its fullest extent? Join our team!

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Director of Sales

Do you have a passion for sales and helping others? Keeping PAMEE thriving requires a diverse set of skills, and as a Director of Sales, you will learn to master them all. In the company’s fast-paced, dynamic environment, you exhibit composure as you learn from each new challenge.

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