Fiberglass Recycling

RiverCap is leading the industry effort to keep end-of-life wind turbine blades
out of landfills. We have developed a comprehensive solution for 
high volumes of fiberglass material in an innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient
as part of the circular economy.




Fiberglass Recycling Solutions

RiverCap is leading the industry effort to keep end-of-life wind turbine blades out of landfills. We have developed a comprehensive solution for 
recycling high volumes of fiberglass material in an innovative, sustainable, and cost-efficient way as part of the circular economy.




RiverCap's Onsite Experience & Expertise

With years of experience managing utility-scale decommissioning and repowering projects, we've fine-tuned the process of removing, size-reducing, and recycling turbine blades and other fiberglass components, leveraging our expertise in logistics, material processing, and end-use marketplaces.

Cross Sectioning 
and Loading

We strategically size-reduce turbine blades on site to decrease material handling and logistics costs for our customers. Our experienced technicians cut each blade into 50-foot cross sections using a diamond-rope wet saw to minimize dust and debris. We then load and secure all turbine components onto trucks for safe and efficient transportation to our facilities off site.

RiverCap Icon Green Checkmark  Safe and effective disposition of fiberglass components
RiverCap Icon Green Checkmark  Precision cutting, handling, and loading of blades
RiverCap Icon Green Checkmark  Minimal disruption to landowners and environment
Cross Sectioning & Loading

and Shredding

We transfer all materials from the wind farm to a temporary processing center in proximity to your site, where we perform further size reduction of the blades. We use diamond-wire rope, industrial bandsaws, and excavators with shears to reduce the profile of each blade into pallet-sized pieces. From there, we shred the fiberglass into sub 1-foot material using state-of-the-art mobile shredding equipment.

RiverCap Icon Green Checkmark  World-class processing centers across the U.S.
RiverCap Icon Green Checkmark  Efficient size and shape reduction of blades
RiverCap Icon Green Checkmark  Shredded material used as alterative fuel source
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Transport to

End Users

After processing at our facilities concludes, we ready the fiberglass material for shipment utilizing bulk bags and gaylord boxes, allowing us to maximize the size and efficiency of each load, while ensuring no materials are damaged during transit. We work with credentialed carriers to safely deliver all materials to our network of qualified end users throughout North America.

RiverCap Icon Green Checkmark  Expert handling of shredded, granulated, and pelletized fiberglass
RiverCap Icon Green Checkmark  Material safely and efficiently shipped to recycling facilities
RiverCap Icon Green Checkmark  Experienced carriers delivering on time, every time


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Our Fiberglass Solutions

We have explored all different avenues of fiberglass recycling and have been working with industry leaders to find the most sustainable solution for end-of-life blades.

RiverCap Icon Green Checkmark  Certificates of recycling provided for all fiberglass components
Fiberglass Solutions - RiverCap Canvus


Our partner company, Canvus, has developed a sustainable and scalable solution for recycling fiberglass wind turbine blades. Instead of destroying the blades, Canvus harnesses their engineering excellence to create one-of-a-kind products for communities, businesses, and consumers to enjoy. Each product retains the organic shape, character, and durability of the original blade, providing sustainable alternatives to everyday applications.

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Canvus Furniture - Beacon Planter
Canvus Furniture - Charlie Planter
Canvus Furniture - Finley Bench
Canvus Furniture - Jordan Chair
Canvus Furniture -  Julia Table
Canvus Furniture - Virgil Desk
Canvus Furniture -  Serena Chair
Canvus Furniture - Emerson Planter
Canvus Furniture - Ollie Chair

Cement Kilns

Our partners in the cement industry have committed to utilizing fiberglass waste as a safer, cleaner alternative to coal. When mixed with other traditionally landfilled products, shredded fiberglass can reach the high BTU levels needed to heat cement kilns. The fiberglass fuel source creates remnant clinker material when burned, which is added to the cement mixture to create concrete.

Fiberglass Recycling Solutions - Cement Kilns1150px


RiverCap is working with leading scientists, experimenting with pyrolysis as a viable long-term solution for fiberglass recycling. This thermochemical process separates the glass fibers, polymers, and other fillers in fiberglass when exposed to oxygen-depleted high temperatures. Once the glass fibers are separated and collected, they can then be reused in new composite applications.

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